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In portableapps.Com – company™ is a balanced-multifunctional portable software package that connects any of your portable applications together, and provides a chance for the visitor to form his own personal set of portable programs for kindling your synchronized cloud folder on the hard disk on the local computer, download apps or to a portable usb drive. What is stored separately from personal local applications.

Awesome features: full software catalog application organization automatic software updates hits and installations portable fonts / integrated backup and resume and a long list of everything you need!

In portableapps.Com – the organization is 100% free of charge. Free to use. Free to share. And the complete open source code.Please read the personal appeal from portableapps.Com founder john t. Haller and donate today.

Pour with portableapps.Com

Version 21.2.2 for windows, 80 languagesdownload 6 mb / install 16 mbtranslation help antivirus control detailed download information

Additional download mirror: the original forge

There are misunderstandings with the update? You have the option to manually update in order to improve the situation

Detailed download information

Os: windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, vista, xp, 2000* also works with: linux, unix, bsd, etc. Via wine and mac os x via crossover, wineskin, winebottler, playonmac support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions: automatically configures support and functionality for any pc publisher: portableapps.Com update date: 2022-03-31 (list of platform additions)license: free /with free primary code (gpl, some mit, some cc images, trademarks and original company style are not included)source code: portableapps.Com platform (menu, market software, etc.)Md5 hash: 21e8e25df96790e8797e9698f22f0110sha256 hash: 6803722fdf2ebf8b684b6de66fb93a0d8be4c358cfbff0da3ff498993c488749

* Windows 2000 users will not have access to some functions, such as the update program / upstore, and have chances to encounter some errors


Do you have a support question? Check out portableapps.Com the site's support page – and a special support forum.



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