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Shawnee man sentenced for child porn
Cansas city, can. - A kansas man was sentenced to 96 months in prison with a further five years of supervised release as soon as he confessed to possessing child pornography images.
In september 2022, 34-year-old justin packham of shawnee pleaded guilty guilty only on the count of possession of child pornography. Based on a cyber-tip, the shawnee police department launched an investigation that revealed that dozens of child pornography images had been uploaded to google drive based on a mail or social media email addressed to packham. Using a subsequent search warrant for the packham home, shawnee investigators found over a thousand child pornography images or videos on numerous gadgets and flash drives.
The us secret service and the shawnee police department investigated the process. .
This case was handled by assistant u.S. Attorney faiza alhambra.
This case was filed under safe childhood, a nationwide initiative launched in late spring 2006 d. Department of justice to combat the growing epidemic of sexual abuse and abuse of offspring. The safe childhood project, led by the state attorney's office and the criminal division's division of war on child exploitation and obscenity, uses federal, government, and local platforms to find, apprehend, and prosecute individuals who sexually exploit heirs, as well as to confirm and rescuing the victims. For more information about the safe childhood project, visit https://www.Justice.Gov/psc. Auxiliary data about generators ai porn (https://pen.porn/) kindly explore our online service.



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