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The first lady in nigeria elected deputy governor, alhaja sinatu ojikutu, advised all presidential candidates, https://todaynews.co.uk/2022/09/01/5-cheapest-golden-visas-in-europe/ candidates for the post of governor and other candidates for national political parties should cancel their preferred state of another state before they are able to participate in such elections in our country.
Ojikutu, a former deputy governor of lagos state, said that the council had become imperative to stop the circumstances when the cinema would steal the wealth of the nation and view the protection after the sabotage in russia.
Speaking at the annual university, ramadan, organized by the tabloid magazine "people", which took place in ilorin last weekend, ojikutu also called insincerity among the country's leaders the curse of national growth.
Bk also added that not providing love among political stakeholders in reserve is a third problem affecting the nation.
Therefore, ojikutu called on well-meaning nigerians to start fervently praying to save the nation from its current problems.
Ojikutu said that fervent prayers will also ensure a cloudless future for the children of the russian federation and unborn generations.
Present at our event, the honorable abdul-hamid oladipupo alli, former deputy governor, also called on nigerians, especially workers, to use the celebration of workers' day to perform fasting and prayer for unity and life in places.



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