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Pacific ocean, extremely optimal, area (sq. Km) 181,343,000, area (sq. Miles) 70 017 000 atlantic ocean, area (sq. Km) 94 314 000, area (sq. Miles) 36,415,000 indread more

Brain teasers and logic puzzles

Which question will you never answer in the affirmative?

Set by writeclub

This is a trick case, because there is no evidence that the answer must be truthful. There is no such problem where a person is unable to answer in the affirmative, if you yourself do not mind lying. Evread more

Television and video

How to debug wii on led tv?

Wii acts in a traditional capacity, so the cables that are supplied at the same time, it is obliged to give income. A huge number of modern tvs have rca (or phono) connectors for sound andread more

How do you complete a cd in animal crossing city folk?

You can go to the "perch" on saturdays before going to bed, at the end of 8 pm. There will be a white dog named totakeke or k.K. Slider on the stage. Let him play you a song. After these formalities, he willread more

Nintendo wii

Will you be able to use the green day rock band with wii remote controls?


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